Friday, April 28, 2006

hurting whilst pooping

this is hysterical. Mel Gibson is a madman. completely mad. have you seen the preview for the Mayanepicq he's filming, known as Apocalypto, and set for release in time to trip you out for the holidays? well, it's pretty apocalyptamus. so check it out, but: about 2/3rd of the way through, pause at the screaming monkey. then use the arrows on the right to scroll backward a few frames. what you'll find is, plainly, amazing. amayazing! (thanks Joe.)

this just might be the best search referral I've ever seen 'round here: hurting whilst pooping. so terrific, and apropoop.

I've just listened to the new Flaming Lips and Pearl Jam albums. the Lips definitely do come through with a couple songs -- "The Wizard Turns On..." is "Breathe" as rewritten by the Flaming Lips -- but overall the album seems like they're either not quite there yet, or over it already. but good. Pearl Jam sounds a whole lot like they did on Yield, which is to say good but uninteresting. there ain't no "Betterman" here, no "Evenflow", even. a couple times they sound almost like My Morning Jacket, but not as mellow, or not as something. I do like the last song "Inside Job" though.

and I'm struck with the thought that it seems as if the great artists of my generation are struggling to make a huge artistic statement. I don't know what sort of statement there is to make, of course. or even if there is one. but it sure seems like something better needs to come out of this difficult and upsetting decade than all the retro craprock coming out, stuff that serves as posture more than power.

I know it's hard to compare, but when was the last time there was an artistic achievement that galvanized the audience, impressed critics and made people feel the appreciative awe of a soul who's made better by hearing this new musical moment? I understand such a feeling is entirely subjective, but it's amazing to me that there hasn't been more of an artistic, cultural outcry in the same way there was with Woodstock and so many songs of protest. and I don't necessarily mean more protest songs should be out there -- I just mean that culturally, the things that aren't being talked about are becoming more noticeable, at an equal to or greater rate than the amount people ignore them. I mean the small problems people have with their government, the bills, the quiet desperation of a future in which individual contentment will be removed from a sense of belonging -- the plurality of peace and comfort that reigns over the leaking faucets and broken roads that are starting to spread -- the disconnected spirit of duty that the nature of living now makes all the more real. is each individual genre going to cannibalize itself, become more self-centered? or will music fans become more and more dilettantish and omnivorous, enjoying only the best artists in each field but always feeling slightly left out of the scene?

I also mean, why does the TV have to be there, as a member of the family -- do you think the couples who watch TV together, stay together? what does it mean when more and more people retire to their own room only to seek out other people, who are in their own rooms elsewhere? do the couples with an equal amount of MySpace friends, an equal amount of MySpace paraphernalia, make the best match? where is the real community, and how will this sense of self and togetherness shape our society? and not in the future. I mean, now, five years from now. what happens when the world becomes entirely virtual, entirely distant and nearby and interconnectable? will anyone leave home, will anyone be able to? will anyone want to?

I don't know if it's always been like this, or if I'm the only one who believe this is a great and growing shift in our society's behavior -- and if I'm the only one who views it all with a general pessimistic passivity -- but I suspect not. I suspect earlier people didn't have time to stop and regard their lives with wonder and awful lonely glee. but doesn't that seem interesting, then, too?

on that note, I like the lyrics to the new Lips song, "Goin' On":

We hold our breath 'till the morning comes
And at last the sun shines through
But the night's so hard and it seems impossible
But what else can we do?

Goin' on
Goin' on

Listen, you'll hear it
We're gettin' near it
It's gone and I can feel it
'Cause I know you are going away
Listen you'll hear it
We're gettin' near it
I know I really fear it
But we pretend it's just another day

Goin' on
Goin' on

We tell ourselves it's all just normal
The worst of it is gone
And you get up
And you get up
And you just can't take it
How we keep goin' on
Goin' on
Goin' on...


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

i am tremendously uninspired yet i feel the need to post something in that i have a sinking sensation that lately i have spent too much time dawdling


'elsewhere' wouldn't fit in my blog post title there. i guess there's a limit. s'pose this was the first time i'd pushed the title length limit here. always pushing the limits. to the limit. to the maxxx. extreeeeeeeeeeeeme!

i took this random IQ test i found on someone's theirspace page and it turns out i have an IQ of 135. yay! i guess. so this means i'm smart, right? i am so smart, i am so smart! i mean, uhh, if the entirnit says so.... yea, it says my verbal, math and general intelligence are at genius level (what what!), and that my logical intelligence is below average. below average?!?!? what the fuck? that doesn't seem logical to me. ah, but there you are. there. that's where you are: there. makes sense. or don't it? shit. i guess i do struggle with logic.

i'm just pissed because they don't give you the answers. which motherfucking other statement must be true dammit?!?!?!?!??!

and yet the picture there with the results is quite soothing. it gives me a peaceful sensation, as if a cloud really were floating in my head. i enjoy revelling in this mindset. a smile of most extreme contentment, eyes placidly amused.

so you know what's pretty funny sometimes is craigslist rants & raves. i mean, sometimes. i mean, only those times when i'm really brutally bored and feel the need to look at obtuse and pointless observations that are neither rants nor raves, really, just sort of strange statements of displeasure or silliness or horniness or racism or stupidity. and the other day i was really fucking bored. i totally was. and i said so. i ranted about it. i said, "i'm fucking bored." because i totally was.

so i post this and a few minutes later i get an email from someone, a girl named Eva, and she's all, "ha ha, that kills me. boredom sucks, eh?" and so i reply back, "yeah, it certainly does suck. what also sucks is that i can't leave the office and i can't drink beer. yet." she replies back about, "well, as Scarlet said, tomorrow is another (fucking) day." (Scarlet? like, Scarlett O'hara? oh, right. anyway...) and so i go, "it certainly (fucking) is." these short statements, just bored emailing to some stranger about nothing. she replies, "yeap." back and forth, just like that over, like, twenty minutes.

so, needlessly yet boredfully wanting to carry this on, i'm like, "hey, let's keep replying back and forth like this for no reason because hey, why not?" silly, smarmy provocation, but fun. and she goes, "well, i'm with someone, so it may not be a good idea." like that. and i'm all, uhhhhh, huh? like, uhhhhh, like my whole ploy here was to try to get a date with her, that posting to rants & raves was a circuitous effort to meet chicks. that our connection in our email replies was so immediate and intense that it was pretty clear that i was bound to want to go out with this girl. which, hey, maybe i did want to go out with this girl. but that's not the point!

so anyway, i replied, "ah yes. it may not be a good idea indeed." actually with the italics, and now actively trying to get a date with her at this point. okay, not really. really just being brattish. brutish? bratty? yeah, that. well, she didn't reply, shockingly. and dismay filled my heart and ran through all my emotional centers.

shit, maybe i should put this rant up on rants and raves. sheeeeeeeeiiiiittttttttt. but that's my point here, i think. it's that there's this place for all the misplaced anger and boredom and weirdnesses that people keep bottled up but need to express somehow -- even if it's a kinda half-assy way of saying something but it's something anyway -- and so they go to this forum where all they are really trying to do is provoke a response. shit, all i was trying to do was provoke a response. and while the response i got was mildly entertaining -- enough to break my boredom, at leastly -- it wasn't anything like a satisfying personal interaction. or was it? i guess it was. i'm sure she's a person, just living however she is. and yet i have no idea who she is.

i guess reaching out to some strange person who posted on rants & raves isn't something someone does every day or anything, so that's nice that she at least gave props to me for that. and maybe because i don't post shit there that often, i'm unable to gauge the seriousness or non-seriousness of one of these random email encounters. or whatevers.

but my question to you is, does a completely random email exchange automatically count as a come-on? a flirtation? i mean, sure, it can. but this is the first time where something so distant and -- to me -- frivolous, all of a sudden was like, whoa. how did we get here? and so soon. then again, if a guy had replied, would i have carried it onward in the same way? perhaps not uncertainly no. geez, maybe it did affect my emotional centers after all.

and anyway, what the hell is the deal with that place?

the only other time i've posted there, awhile ago i posted a rave about girls who wear boots with dresses. that i really dig that look. but not with ugg boots, nope. should be cowboy boots or boots like that, and those swishy summer skirts. rave! but no email interactions came out of that one. alas.

also been ravin' 'bout Tom Waits' Bone Machine. how come nobody told me this album is some badical-ass songsmanshit? thanks, nobody. but seriousness, seriousness:

There was thunder
There was lightning
Then the stars went out
And the moon fell from the sky
It rained mackerel
It rained trout
And the great day of wrath has come
And here's mud in your big red eye
The poker's in the fire
And the locusts take the sky
And the earth died screaming
While I lay dreaming ... of you

and that's song number one. there's much such chewy goodness in there throughout. endorsed heartily!

lastaciously, i'd like to mention how the other night some friends came up with and started throwing around this new phrase. i'm hopeful and fairly certain that we'll use this in continuance. we should anyway. it's certainly got a nice ring and an apt potency to it. here it is...

namaste, bitches.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

chinjeolhan geumjassi

if you haven't seen Oldboy, watch it. then watch Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, which is the first one in Park Chan Wook's vengeance trilogy. then start acting like me and being excited for when this movie comes out -

- because it's going to be great. that poster is pretty sweet, for starts. but Korean director Park Chan Wook really has to be the uniquest radicalest cinematical guy around since Tarantino and he's gotten nearly no run in the U.S. what gives?

seriously, you might want to get on the bus on this one early, or earlyish anyway, before Hollywood signs the guy up to make Snow Crash into a movie and everyone starts acting like they've heard of him all along.