Saturday, May 6, 2006

down with disease

i've been sick as a lil bitch for the past few days. it's horrendous being sick like this, mainly because there's not a whole heckuva lot you can do about it. sure, there's tons o' medicinals out there, but a lot of those pharmas are built for their own particular brand of sick, so they reinfect you a little bit with their own disease and you end up getting, y'know, their sick on top of your sick. before the whole thing gets cured up. and there are the homeopathic medicines, of which i'm a fan, but they're kind of pointless and wussy when confronted with a serious illness such as the one with which my body has just been intimately acquainted. then there's the preventative, mineral types of cures -- the airbornes, echinacheas, zincs, immunity smoothie boosts, vitamin cs and so forth -- that work great when you're just on the brink of being sick, but who fail miserably if you wait just one day too long. as, apparently, I did -- because I just 'bout drowned myself in all that shit for two straight days back there, and to no avail.

the bummer at this point is that having pursued one course of treatment -- oscillococcinum (which I just found out has been shown to kinda, maybe reduce the flu by six whole hours) and cough drops and soup and advils and lots of vitamin c and zinc and wellness tea with honey -- it's too late to switch over to another way. like, jump over and take a bunch of the sudafeddy stuff. i did actually take a couple nighttime sudafeds a couple days back -- the night i was up coughing all night. you'd think the sleep-aid in there would have knocked me out through all that hacking, but nope. instead, it just made me superfuckingtiredanddelirious while i was up all night. at one point, i was standing in my bedroom, with my hands and knees, out of fucking breath from coughing so much. at 4:00 a.m., on sedatives. good times.

i guess it's all about finding the cure that works for you -- next time, maybe not oscillococcinum so much. but really, most times the body is pretty badass at taking care of itself. if something is going to fuck you up for a few days, it's going to fuck you up for a few days. you can bombard yourself with all sorts of drugs and herbs and teas and everything, and you're still going to go down for a few. you might feel better, like, six hours sooner than you would have anyway. but the only real cure is that age-old and annoying one: sleep and time.

and, uh, video games and web-browsing? yeah, the boredom is pretty brutal, as well.


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