Friday, June 2, 2006

another day without heartbreak

the drama that builds
two people cannot be said
to carry more meaning than
the ineffable sound of
a heart breaking.

a heart breaking
is the only thing to believe in
anymore -

the only thing to believe in
besides the sunrise.

and the days run away like dreams,
fading streams of memory that seem like
they never were.

as if they never were
what we dreamed they would be.

and i thought the thought i had
about this dream i dreamed
was the same as
it ever was

but it wasn't.

the world may be a dream
i dreamed
today, i thought -

a dream unremembered,
a sensation or sight that cannot
be described, a delirium
that is infinite -

or not.

but the thought i thought
that has changed today
is that

the world has no function

and there can be no end
to it ever.

i, after all, will never
know it
when it comes.

but when my end comes,
what will i believe
by then -

what will i believe
when all i know
is that today is another day
without heartbreak

and tonight another night
filled with dreams?


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